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Vinn handlenett med spennende produkter fra Chill it’s vegan!

2. november 2020 - 5. november 2020

Delta i konkurransen vi legger ut på Facebook-siden vår på mandag. 

Alt du må gjøre for å delta er å kommentere på posten med din favoritt dyre-emoji!

Vi trekker 5 heldige vinnere som hver får et handlenett med spennende produkter fra Chill it’s vegan, til en verdi av 300 kroner.

Vinneren trekkes fra kommentarfeltet på torsdag!

Se alt det spennende som skjer på Løren denne uken!

Du kan også møte Chill it’s vegan og få deilige smaksprøver her på Løren mandag og torsdag.

Lykke til!

Om Chill it’s vegan

We are two young entrepreneurs creating vegan goodies. We are based in Oslo and all our products are made with love from our cozy kitchen. We had this idea in 2017 and since then we have been growing steadily, promoting our brand, popping up at markets, perfecting our recipes and offering more products. Our online store is rocking it and we are ready to come up with new products and start producing on a larger scale. We have the duty to spread goodness!

You might wonder why we make vegan dressings, pepperoni and faux-feta. Well, firstly because when turning vegan we realised there weren’t a lot of vegan alternatives out there with these products -and we missed it. Secondly, they are essential. We make our products similar to the products we used to consume before. We’re here to help spice up your meals, because we love making food and want to share our experience with you.


2. november 2020
5. november 2020
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